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Household appliances repair and installation in Barranquilla

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‘Household appliances repair and installation’ in Barranquilla

Jesus David M.

23 reviews
28 orders
ID verified
Servicio técnico especializado en aíre acondicionado estufa horno nevera lavadora calentadores electricidad servicio garantizado
Muy eficiente y amable. La nevera quedó como nueva. También ordenado. Hay que mejorar puntualidad.
Marisela Quiroz, 3 months ago

Edwin M.

37 reviews
60 orders
ID verified
Con 24 años de experiencia em en mantenimiento y reparación de lavadoras, tdo lo relacionado a refrigeración, mtto,reparación e instalación de aires acondicionados, trabajo garantizado.
excelente trabajo, fue un gallo de trabajo y el señor Edwin cumplió con terminar su trabajo, muy responsable honesto y organizado lo recomiendo al 100%
Maikel Bravo, 4 months ago

Giovany L.

11 reviews
13 orders
ID verified
Servio en reparacion y mantenimiento de lavadoras en todas las marcas
muy bueno en su trabajo, tanto en mantenimiento como en reparación, muy buen servicio, recomiendo
Andrés Felipe Montoya Morales, 2 months ago
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'Household appliances repair and installation' in Barranquilla city

What will you find within the appliances category?

Appliances encompass a wide variety of electrical devices used in your home to assist with various tasks. On inDrive.Services, you can find skilled professionals offering their expertise for these appliances.

What type of assistance related to appliances can I receive from a certified appliance repair technician in Barranquilla?

In Barranquilla, through inDrive.Services, you can find experts who provide a wide range of repair and installation services for various types of appliances. This includes the repair of appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, refrigerators, televisions, vacuum cleaners, and more.

What are the benefits of choosing a technician on inDrive.Services?

  • Verified Experts: inDrive.Services prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction. That's why we ensure that all professionals go through a comprehensive verification process, including identity verification and criminal background checks.

  • Variety and Flexibility: The platform offers a wide selection of professionals to meet your specific needs.

  • Quick and Efficient Search: With inDrive.Services, you can find a specialist in Bogotá within minutes.

  • Informed Decision-Making: The platform provides a review and rating system. Before hiring, you can review past experiences of other clients with the professional in question.

What payment methods are available for appliance repair and installation services through inDrive.Services?

Generally, specialists offer flexibility regarding payment methods. You can discuss directly and select the payment option that best suits your preferences with the professional. Payments are made directly to the professional, without platform intervention.

Can appliance repair technicians provide pick-up and delivery services for my appliances in Barranquilla?

Of course, some specialists offer the convenient service of picking up and delivering your appliances to the desired location in Barranquilla. This saves you the hassle of transporting the appliance on your own. During the scheduling process, be sure to discuss these logistical details with the expert to ensure smooth and efficient service.

Why can I trust the professionals offering services on inDrive.Services?

In Barranquilla, inDrive.Services places a strong emphasis on the safety and reliability of services provided by its professionals. All experts go through a rigorous verification process, including identity verification and criminal background checks. This ensures that you can have full confidence in the technicians you discover on our platform. Additionally, our rating and customer feedback system provides valuable information about the quality of their services, facilitating your decision-making. Your satisfaction and the safety of your appliances are our priority.

Will I be charged for additional services or spare parts if they are needed during the repair process of my appliance?

If, during the appliance repair process, the specialist identifies the need for additional services or spare parts to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance, they are obligated to discuss these requirements with you. You have the option to approve or reject any additional services. We emphasize the importance of clear communication to avoid surprises in the final bill.

Can I schedule an appointment for appliance repair during the weekend in Barranquilla?

Yes, many of our appliance repair professionals offer appointments on weekends for your convenience. When scheduling your service, you can check availability and select a time that fits your schedule, including weekends.
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