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Cleaning in Bogota

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‘Cleaning’ in Bogota

Gerly Johanna G.

2 reviews
4 orders
ID verified
Soy una persona responsable repetuosa y mi trabajo lo dejo muy bien echo para a si mismo cojer mi clientela
Excelente puntualidad, detallista en la limpieza. La recomiendo
HERALDO, 8 days ago

Claudia O.

5 reviews
10 orders
ID verified
Hola ,como estás? Me llamo Claudia,mucho gusto☺️🥰 ,tengo 34 años, 2 hijas de 9 y 17 años,soy casada,cristiana . Llevo más de 5 años laborando como niñera (aseo,cuidado de mascotas) . He Laborado para un gringo en el poblado ,para otras personas en envigado y otros lugares.... He cuidado niños de 3 meses de nacido,niños pequeños, grandes y preadolescentes . Práctico lo que es la crianza sana y respetuosa. Soy una persona Honesta, responsable,sociable con carisma,dedicada en todo lo que hago. Si quieres, te puedo servir con mucho gusto.
Excelente servicio, fue muy amable, estuvo disponible para prestarme el servicio con sólo unas horas de antelación, todo quedó muy limpio, muy satisfecha ✨
marcela rojas, 7 hours ago

Luz Marina H.

9 reviews
11 orders
ID verified
Buen servicio y muy respetuosa. Amable y de excelente actitud.
Claudia Gómez, 8 days ago
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'Cleaning' in Bogota city

What is included in a cleaning service?

A standard cleaning service includes tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, surface cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. It can also include kitchen and common area cleaning.

What is not included in a cleaning service?

Additional tasks like lawn mowing, laundry washing, or ironing are generally not included in a standard cleaning service, but they can be arranged with some professionals on the platform.

What factors influence the price of a cleaning service by a cleaner or housekeeper?

The price can be influenced by factors such as the size and level of dirtiness of the space, the frequency of the service, the need for additional tasks, and the professional's experience.

Can I hire a cleaner on Sundays or holidays in Bogotá?

Yes, some professionals on the platform are available to work on Sundays and holidays. This provides flexibility to meet your needs. To facilitate your search for service on non-working days, remember to include these details when creating a service order on inDrive.Services.

Can I hire more than one cleaning professional for larger spaces in Bogotá?

Of course! If the space is large or if you want to expedite the process, you can hire more than one professional to work together. Just make sure to coordinate everything between them, and your cleaning will be a success!

What are the payment options for a cleaner or housekeeper?

Payment is made directly to the professional or cleaning company you choose. It can be done in cash or through electronic means, depending on the individual preferences of each service provider.

What precautions should be taken when hiring a cleaning professional?

When hiring a cleaning professional, it's important to verify their qualifications and reviews from previous clients. Additionally, clearly communicate your expectations and needs to ensure the service is carried out as desired.

Why are cleaning professionals on inDrive.Services trustworthy?

All cleaning professionals registered on the platform go through a rigorous process of identity and background verification. Furthermore, previous customers leave ratings and reviews, which help maintain a high standard of quality and trust in the services offered.
We hope these answers have clarified your doubts about the cleaning services in Bogotá offered on inDrive.Services. We are here to make your cleaning experience as simple and efficient as possible!
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